Update Concorde | ENGLISH VERSION

The demolition of the Beneluxstaete building is progressing! In the week of June 13th the demolition company will therefore start with a rubble crusher. This ensures that the debris is broken into small pieces so that it can be removed. Some of this broken rubble is also used to reinforce the construction road. The work of the rubble crusher is expected to take about 3 weeks. You may experience noise and vibration nuisance from these activities.

We expect to start installing the sheet piles at the beginning of July. These are the steel walls that close off the ground under the construction site. In this way, the groundwater level and the pressure in the ground below and next to the construction site remain the same. The sheet piles are vibrated into the ground. You can also expect some vibrations and noise from this. This work will take approximately 2 weeks.

Once this work has been completed, we expect to start construction in mid-July! A beautiful milestone! We start by drilling the foundation piles. Unlike traditional piles, these piles are drilled into the ground and not driven. The great advantage of this, especially for you as a local resident, is that very few vibrations and noise are released with this method. As soon as we almost start drilling, we will inform you again.